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PostThe length of the title for this topic must be ranging between 10 and 255 characters

Insomnia is the worst of curses. Truly. There's nothing like lying in your bed, awake, for 6 hours, having to be totally silent for fear of not waking your family members. And I'm not talking about just not wanting to sleep. I'm talking about not being able to sleep. I'll explain the story in full detail.
Last night, Me and my fellow male members of my family celebrated the womenfolk being out of the house for the night by watching Iron Man 2 and Bowfinger, and eating plenty of pizza, chips, and pop. We ended the movie night at 11, and each of us headed of to our caves. I was feeling kind of sick from our gluttony, so I took a melatonin pill before I went back. I trolled around on the internet until 12, when my dad told me to go to bed. I brushed my teeth and did my usual stalling to make sure I was the last one to go to bed. The plan worked, and I went into my room. I did the thing I had done all Summer, turn off the light, sit at my desk, and continuing what I was doing before bedtime came. I'd done this practically all Summer, and I'd never been caught, so I wasn't worried. Turns out this night my chair decided to be extra loud every single time I took a breath. My dad discovered me at 1. So I had to go to bed for real.
Thus began my night of sleeplessness. Melatonin is a natural chemical found in the human body that tells you to go to sleep, so it should have helped me sleep. But being an extreme worrywart, I had a very sick feeling in my stomach and had heat coursing through my veins. It was a relatively small event, so I shouldn't have freaked out so much. Unfortunately, those small things make the most tense. I got over it within 2 hours. But I still couldn't sleep. It still felt 10 degrees hotter than it was, and I can't sleep well without being covered with a blanket. I let my mind wander off into other things I could worry and regret, trying to get comfortable the whole time. I couldn't play a game, 'cause they were away from my bed, so I would have to walk to get to hem, and my dad was on radar mode. I couldn't read a book, 'cause that would require light. So all I could do was lay there and sweat. Sweat in my room that was probably 75 degrees.
I remember getting up at 4:30 to get a drink. I swallowed around 8 ounces, and turned on the fan in my room when I got back. 5 is when the sun began to slowly rise over the horizon and light my room a midnight blue. I began to feel the melatonin kicking in, 6 hours later. I nearly fell asleep, kind of in a daze. I kept nearly falling asleep and waking back up until 6.
In school, our teachers always fixated on animals. Especially different names for them. We used to have tests on what a group of animals were called. Our whole class was awestruck when our teacher taught us the name for a group of crows. A murder of crows. I never understood why they called it that. But now I do. When they're in a group, your urge to murder them increases. A murder of crows decided to have a party/war right outside my window right as I was about to be granted the sweet gift of sleep. I normally don't see what people hate about crows, but now I understand. No pillow could block out the noise. I finally gave up on sleeping. I dealt with the fact that I'd be pulling an unintentional all-nighter. By 6:30 the sun was up high enough to read. I read Downsize This! by Michael Moore. My parents keep the strangest books around, and this was the first one I found on my shelf. It was full of political stuff that I didn't really care about. It was kind of funny though. I got about a 1/3 through the book by 7:30, when my dad woke up. I waited 15 minutes, then began the act I had planned from the moment I gave up on sleeping. Being a worrywart is useful sometimes.
I crawled out of bed, opened the door, and fake staggered like I had just woken up. It was harder than I thought. I kept my eyes half-shut. My dad was shocked to see me up so early. I blamed it on the crows. He went outside for a minute and when he came back, the crows stopped cawing. He came back in and said with a creepy smile on his face, "Guess what's for dinner!" My dad is very creepy. I've gotten used to it. I was surprised that he believed that I had just opened up. Since then, I've been awake. And surprisingly, not tired. I seem to write a book every time I write anything. Oh well. Well, this was my blog for today. Bye.

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When someone would rather leave than deal with you, then you know that you're unwanted. Life is too short to spend time in a place where you're unwanted. If your friends always criticize you, anger you, and depress you, they're not really your friends. You shouldn't have to change yourself for anyone. Don't deal with the abusive relationship anymore, the denial that it will happen again. Even if they apologize, they'll get angry again and take it out on you. There comes a point where you must move on. Find people who will accept you for who you are, and those will be your friends.
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I hate not being able to sleep, it feels awful. Most of the time it's because I'm either too hot or too cold. I don't mind staying up all night, as long as I'm not in bed, I feel fine. However, if I'm in bed and can't sleep, it's extremely frustrating.

The length of the title for this topic must be ranging between 10 and 255 characters

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