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 Halloween and Satanism

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PostHalloween and Satanism

So, to pass the time while being forced to watch a movie I'd already seen, I went over to the family bookshelf and picked up a book at random. I got this pretty peculiar one called Halloween and Satanism. Written by an evangelist, I knew this had to be good. So, I started reading it. I'll reply to this blog whenever I find something totally absurd about the book.

So on page 17, there's an excellent piece of writing I'd like to share with you all.

"Yet, today witchcraft has gained acceptability by many people. Even the Internal Revenue Service has given tax exempt status to the church of Wicca (the official church of witchcraft), which means your gift to witchcraft is a tax deductible, charitable donation of a religious nature, the same as if you were tithing to the church of Jesus Christ. In the eyes of the U.S. Government there is no difference."

I have some things to say about that. This book was written by an American, and if there's one thing that all Americans should know about the Bill of Rights, is that the freedom of religion is on there. So, the U.S. Government is forced and obliged to recognize witchcraft as a religion. It has to allow followers of witchcraft the same rights as all followers of other religions. Doing otherwise is against the law. That statement the author made directly insults the U.S. Government, the U.S. Constitution, and the Founding Fathers. It makes me ashamed to know that my fellow Americans can be so stupid.

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Halloween and Satanism

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