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 KAT Radio

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PostKAT Radio

Well, I'm going to be doing a show on KAT Radio (don't know when yet, haven't got all the details). It'll be pre-recorded, and I'm going to base it on vocaloid. Just now, this is my current set-list:

Uninstall - Bokurana OP (Hatsune Miku) (4:37)
PoPiPo - Lamaze-P (Hatsune Miku) (1:46)
Ievan Polkka - Loituma (Hatsune Miku) (2:26)
World Is Mine - Ryo (Hatsune Miku) (4:14)
Haro/Hawayu - Nanou (Hatsune Miku Soft Append and Gumi) (4:49)
Black Hole Artist - Utsu-P (Kagamine Rin and Gumi) (4:20)
Sorry, I'm Sorry - Kikou (Hatsune Miku) (4:48)
Labratory of the Full Moon - Mothy (Kagamine Rin) (4:55)
Luka Luka Night Fever - Samfree (Megurine Luka) (3:59)
Shining Days - P∴Rhythmatiq (Hatsune Miku) (4:09)
Epimetheus - HelplessnessP (IA) (3:51)
Daughter of Evil - Mothy (Kagamine Len and Rin) (4:38)
Servant of Evil - Mothy (Kagamine Len and Rin) (4:55)
Daiben - Utsu-P (Hatsune Miku) (3:38)

That makes a total of around 55mins. That should be enough, considering I need to talk in between.

I have an idea of what to say in between songs, and I'll explain and give a brief history at the very start of the show.

Not entirely sure what order I'll play them in just yet, I'll decide when I'm putting it all together.

Before I forget, here's KAT Radio

Oh, and Imma start recording on Thursday, got too much Kanon and newly acquired vocaloid albums Evil Laugh


My Youtube
KAT account and uploads

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KAT Radio :: Comments

Re: KAT Radio
Post on Thu Oct 11, 2012 9:39 am  ScissorsForDays
When will this air? I need to know when, because I'll be occupied with cross country Friday afternoon, and a large chunk of Saturday.
Re: KAT Radio
Post on Thu Oct 11, 2012 9:40 am  VintageTorrie
Well, I need to make it first, but I'll try and get it in a slot this Sunday. It just depends what other shows are on.
Re: KAT Radio
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KAT Radio

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