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Read these rules first and we'll have no problems :)

1 - No offensive posting - this includes racism, homophobia, swearing and other forms of abuse. Contact me if you are being abused either through the forums or through PM's.

2 - Keep it clean! You never know who visits our forums, so no swearing, nudity etc.

3 - Do not make a second account to overcome a ban.

4 - If you abuse another user, you will be BANNED.

5 - Do not post or request links to ROM sites.

6 - Do not...
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News Section

Here I'll post any news stories I find particularly interesting. They'll mainly be related to technology and the internet. You lot can post stories as well of course.

I'm not going to bother moving the stories from 'Blogs' because I'm too lazy Titter
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The UK's major internet service providers have been asked to block three more file-sharing websites, the BBC can reveal.

The British Phonographic Industry (BPI), which acts on behalf of rights holders, wants ISPs to prevent access to Fenopy, H33t and Kickass Torrents.

The BPI alleges that the sites are illegally distributing music.

The ISPs told the BBC they would comply with the new demand, but only if a court order is put in place.

It follows a separate court order in April which saw popular file-sharing site The Pirate Bay blocked in the UK.
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No stories for ages, then I put 2 in one day..........

DRM systems in the digital media world are nothing new and are utilized extensively in the music, movie and video games industries. Now, after applying four years ago, a company has this week obtained a patent for a DRM system that aims to stop future owners of 3D printers from printing whatever they like. The dream of downloading a new pair of sneakers or even a car might already be in jeopardy, before it’s even begun.

During the last 20 years inkjet printers made an unholy mess of the short-run commercial print guy’s...
by VintageTorrie - Comments: 5 - Views: 211

By now it’s common knowledge that nearly all content on the Internet can easily be removed or censored by filing a single DMCA notice. For some reason, however, this doesn’t seem to apply to most mainstream music stores. When The Flashbulb, aka Benn Jordan, found out that another artist was selling a “copy” of his music, he learned that it is pretty much impossible to get it removed. According to Jordan the mainstream music industry only cares about profits, not the actual artists.

In 2008 Benn Jordan was one of the first artists to publicly revolt against Apple, after the company...
by VintageTorrie - Comments: 0 - Views: 168

A teenager who posted a video online about the misery of being bullied has died in a suspected suicide.
Amanda Michelle Todd was found dead at her home in Vancouver, Canada on Wednesday.

The tragic 15-year-old had placed a heartbreaking clip on YouTube just five weeks earlier detailing how she was harassed online and bullied.

Now her mum Carol wants the video to help other young people avoid a similar fate.

She told the Vancouver Sun: "I think the video should be shared and used as an anti-bullying tool. That is what my daughter would have wanted."
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Skype, the internet communications platform, is being used by hackers to distribute a "worm" that infects Windows PCs.

When users click on an instant message saying "lol is this your new profile pic?" they unwittingly download a file containing a Trojan horse malware file.

This opens a backdoor allowing hackers to hijack infected PCs and recruit them into a "botnet army".

Users can be locked out of their machines and held to ransom.

According to internet security specialist Sophos, the worm is a variant of the well-known...
by VintageTorrie - Comments: 1 - Views: 157

Not sure if this is recent, but it's a......let's say "interesting" story...

by VintageTorrie - Comments: 3 - Views: 164

Police have raided the Swedish hosting company PRQ today, possibly looking for servers connected to copyright infringement. PRQ was founded by Pirate Bay co-founders Gottfrid Svartholm and Fredrik Neij and is known to host or route many file-sharing sites. The target of the raid has not been confirmed by the authorities, but The Pirate Bay team informs TorrentFreak that they are no longer using PRQ’s services.

A raid against Swedish hosting company PRQ has been confirmed today. Due to the action by police many file-sharing and streaming sites are now down or inaccessible.
by VintageTorrie - Comments: 0 - Views: 176

Hoping to curb the ever-increasing piracy figures in Portugal, local anti-piracy outfit ACAPOR reported the IP-addresses of 2,000 alleged file-sharers to the Attorney General last year. This week the Portuguese prosecutor came back with a ruling and decided not to go after the individuals connected to the IP-addresses. According to the prosecutor it is not against the law to share copyrighted works for personal use, and an IP-address is not enough evidence to identify a person.

Wearing T-shirts with the slogan “Piracy is Illegal”, the movie industry sponsored anti-piracy group ACAPOR...
by VintageTorrie - Comments: 0 - Views: 209

An inquiry has been ordered into whether New Zealand intelligence staff engaged in unlawful spying prior to the arrest of Megaupload owner Kim Dotcom.

The country's Prime Minister John Key said some communications were obtained "without statutory authority".

Mr Dotcom is fighting extradition to the US where he faces accusations of copyright theft on a huge scale.

In June, an NZ court ruled that a search warrant used for a raid on Mr Dotcom's home was illegal.

The court also said that Mr Dotcom should be allowed to see evidence on which his...
by VintageTorrie - Comments: 0 - Views: 154

Legal pressure has forced Twitter to hand over messages sent by an Occupy Wall Street protester.

Twitter spent months resisting the call to release the messages, saying to do so would undermine privacy laws.

If the messages were not handed over on 14 September, Twitter would have been in contempt of court and faced substantial fines.

The Manhattan district attorney's office wanted the tweets to help its case against protester Malcolm Harris.

It believes the messages undermine Mr Harris' claim that New York police led protesters on to the Brooklyn Bridge...
by VintageTorrie - Comments: 0 - Views: 173

The Pirate Bay turns nine years old today, a truly remarkable achievement considering the history of the site. What started out in 2003 as a fun project of a small group of friends turned into one of the largest websites on the Internet. The site has become a global icon; hated by Hollywood and other entertainment industries, but loved by millions of file-sharers.

15 September 2003 The Pirate Bay was founded by Swedish pro-culture organization Piratbyrån (The Bureau of Piracy).

Since there was no filesharing network in Sweden at the time, Piratbyrån decided to launch one,...
by VintageTorrie - Comments: 1 - Views: 158

A few days ago Demonoid showed the first signs of life in weeks when the domain’s nameservers were updated. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that the site is preparing to make a comeback. The site’s tech admin informs TorrentFreak that the Demonoid crew is “not looking into putting the site back up at the moment.” However, the troubled BitTorrent site is not giving up entirely just yet.

After the popular BitTorrent tracker Demonoid suffered a DDoS and hacker attack last month, the site’s servers in Ukraine were pulled offline.

Local authorities explained that Interpol asked...
by VintageTorrie - Comments: 1 - Views: 156

A crucial ruling in one of the ongoing BitTorrent lawsuits in the United States has delivered a clear win for open Wi-Fi operators. Among other things, California Judge Phyllis Hamilton ruled that Internet subscribers are not required to secure their wireless networks to prevent outsiders from pirating movies. In other words, people can’t be held liable for the alleged infringements of other people on their network.

BitTorrent lawsuits have been dragging on for more than two years in the US, involving more than a quarter million alleged illicit file-sharers.

The copyright...
by VintageTorrie - Comments: 0 - Views: 176

Bill Moggridge, a British industrial designer who created the original computer laptop shape, has died.

Mr Moggridge died from cancer at the age of 69.

His computer, the Grid Compass, was designed in 1979 and initially used by the American military. It retailed at $8,150 (£5,097) and was installed on board the space shuttle Discovery.

The magnesium-cased device was distinctive because the screen display folded down over the keyboard.

Mr Moggridge founded a London-based design company in 1969, which is now a global consultancy...
by VintageTorrie - Comments: 2 - Views: 164

Every week copyright holders send out millions of takedown notices to websites all across the Internet. While the majority of these claims are legitimate, a healthy percentage are not. These “errors” can cause serious harm to the public, but the senders are never held responsible for their mistakes. Perhaps it’s time to punish repeat senders of bogus takedown notices?

Yes, copyright holders are entitled to protect their content from being pirated, but whether they should be able to do this at all costs is up for debate.

In recent months the number of takedown requests sent...
by VintageTorrie - Comments: 1 - Views: 160

Almost nine months on from the raids that took down Megaupload and bizarrely some of the world’s biggest record labels still think that the site is hosting infringing content. In a clear sign that anti-piracy companies aren’t bothering to carry out even the most rudimentary checks before they send DMCA notices, Google is receiving daily takedown demands not only for Megaupload, but also Demonoid, BTjunkie, and other dead file-sharing services.

During the past few years the world’s largest entertainment companies have regularly complained that Google isn’t doing enough to reduce accessibility...
by VintageTorrie - Comments: 1 - Views: 159

A government report has claimed that the Scottish computer games industry adds nothing to the country's economy.

The Economic Contribution Study for Scotland's Creative industries, using data from 2010, said the sector brought a Gross Value Added (GVA) of £0.

TIGA, which represents the UK games industry, has criticised the report which was commissioned by Creative Scotland and Scottish Enterprise.

Both bodies admitted the findings differed from previous studies.

GVA is an economic measure of the total income of a given sector or business.
by VintageTorrie - Comments: 0 - Views: 167

The arrest of Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm last week resulted in much speculation about the motives and forces driving the action. In most scenarios it was assumed that Svartholm was arrested for his role in The Pirate Bay, but this turns out to be untrue. Sources confirmed to TorrentFreak that Svartholm is being held at the interior ministry’s counter terrorism department in connection with the alleged hacking of a Swedish IT company and the subsequent leak of thousands of tax numbers.

Last week police arrested Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm in the Cambodian...
by VintageTorrie - Comments: 1 - Views: 151

Anyone using file-sharing service BitTorrent to download the latest film or music release is likely to be monitored, UK-based researchers suggest.

A Birmingham University study indicates that an illegal file-sharer downloading popular content would be logged by a monitoring firm within three hours.

The team said it was "surprised" by the scale of the monitoring.

Copyright holders could use the data to crack down on illegal downloads.

The three-year research was carried out by a team of computer scientists who developed software that acted...
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